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Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER

21 Mar

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER is an hour-long live production that marries a myriad performance techniques (including performance art, improvised and choreographed dance, storytelling, sketch comedy, theatre and drag performance) to create an accessible, engaging and entertaining hour-long production.

Centered on Dr. Zebrovski and his international brand, the show offered critique on social neurosis and America’s obsession with quick fix remedies that bridged both queer and mainstream content by amplifying the diverse queer perspectives. By putting compelling content into commercial formats, Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER constructs a fun and engaging evening that merges the performance styles of Miss Cleo, Pee Wee Herman and Richard Simmons. Visually, the show’s black and white palette and overuse of pattern (especially zebra print) offered a strong immersive aesthetic to represent the universe of Dr. Zebrovski.


Astral Prison

11 Mar