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Lazer Serenity

30 Nov

Lazer Serenity

Zebrovski Makeover GIF

30 Nov

Before…After…Astral Magic Princess FREAK OUT

Dr. Zebrovski Live Perform – GOLDIES Afterparty – 11/28/12

28 Nov

Because Dr. Zebrovski be have so much connection to The Garage and The Garage is being win award dance, Dr. Zebrovski is being live perform on San Francisco Bay Guardian GOLDIES Afterparty on 11/28/12 at 9 PM at 111 Minna! Am hoping see you there!

Daily Tarots – 11/20/12

20 Nov

Tuesday morning November 20 is giving unto world Transgender Day of Remembrance! Also is giving KNIGHT OF WANDS! into life indicate today is fulling of passion, action, energy!!!!

Today, after taking moment of remembering transgender brother and sister fall victim to violence of hate and transphobia, needing pump self full of energy KNIGHT OF WANDS! Allowing inspiration consuming you and making bold move! Maybe perhaps are letting someone know how feelings are for them? Or taking steps outside box at work? Whatever are focused on today, giving it all! Letting project envelop self and taking to extreme!

Queer radical musician J.D. SAMSON is being guide today! Not waiting ask for permission, seizing day in style of queer radical and making self precious amazing sexy whole – you are person deserving feel so free!

Daily Tarots – 11/19/12

19 Nov

Hallo Monday! Is week starting out not so great? Today, Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 is possibly having issues not overcome? Is all being cuz EIGHT OF SWORDSEIGHT OF SWORDS is revealing we are making situation badder for selves because not being able seeing of truths!

Are being in Egypt? Because clearly are CLEOPATRA QUEEN OF DENIAL! Things perhaps aren’t being best in life now but what are doing to help of situation. Perhaps are feeling lonely…well, have been making effort go out and meeting of new friends? Perhaps being too busy…well, are making too many plans and busy work for self? Whatever situation are being in do not having asp biting on breast yet!

Today, investigation of self as victim is being in order. How are able acknowledge own role in how are feeling and helping change how are feeling? Remembering have many powers at fingertips and can being change course whenever are liking!

Greetings from LOLPocalypse

18 Nov

original photo from Robbie Sweeny. Kitty and flames by Kevin Seaman.

Summoning Of Dolphins

17 Nov

Original photog from Robbie Sweeny. Photog manipulate for Kevin Seaman.

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER (2012)

17 Nov

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER debuted on Friday, Nov. 9th or Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2012 at the Garage at 715 Bryant St. in San Francisco to sold-out audiences both nights. The overall success of the project was due, in part, to the incredible support it received via Kickstarter from 73 backers across the country. The full list of these backers is located at the bottom of this post. Be sure to view images from the live show as well as to view excerpts on YouTube!


Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER (Part II: The Descent). Live performance photo by Robbie Sweeny

Introducing Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER! Join internationally renown dance psychic Dr. Zebrovski and his dazzling divinatory dancers as they combine dance, ritual and comedy to explore commercialism and the occult!

Get ready for hilarious commercial and informercial parodies for the #1 world renowned dance psychic! First-hand accounts of Dr. Zebrovski’s terrible and shocking powers complete with simultaneous dramatic reinterpretation! Forget aboutyour mortal soul and what you think you know about the dark arts! By packaging this esoteric and terrible content into easy-to-digest formats, you’ll experience a show that is sure to leave your third eye WIDE open!

Now for just one low payment of $9.99, you’ll learn exactly how Dr. Zebrovski can improve your life! HOUR OF POWER will showcase just how AMAZING Dr. Zebrovski truly is! Why settle for cheap, imitation performances when you have the opportunity to witness the magic first hand? For just one low payment of $9.99, you’ll receive a seat and hour of entertainment!

But wait, there’s more! For just $5 more, you get access to the HOUR OF POWER interactive pre-show! A full half hour to interact with Dr. Zebrovski and friends. Receive a personal dance reading, communicate with dead, discover your future or curse your ex-lover – All for just $14.99!

But wait, there’s EVEN MORE! For $19.99 you get a ticket to HOUR OF POWER, access to the pre-show AND a lap dance from Dr. Zebrovski or one of his amazing assistants!

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER now comes with 100% more Kevin Seaman, Baruch Porras-Hernandez and Maryam Rostami! Made in the U.S.A. by Beatrice Thomas.

Two opportunities to touch the magic!
Friday, Nov. 9th or Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2012

Come early for the 7:30 pre-show!
Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER from 8 – 9!
Still want more? Stay late for the hour-long dance party

It’s all happening at The Garage!
715 Bryant Street (near 5th Street) San Francisco, CA

Don’t forget to JOIN US on Facebook!

Thank you to everyone who helped to support Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER:


A.J. Alfieri-Crispin, Adam Fong, Admiral Fuzzyface and His Mistress Jujubee Stevens, Alan Brown, Allain Rochel, Allison Minnick, Alyssa, Amber Sterling, Anna Karrer Manley, Brenda Jin, Brian Whitty, Chuck Nanney, D’Arcy Drollinger, Danyol Leon, Dicky “Gayest of the Gay” Krolewicz, Donovan Whitehurst, Elijah Weiss, FANBOY, Gregory Wells, Harvey Rabbit, Jaime Cortez, Jaime Lemus, James Goodwin, James Rouse Iniguez, Jeanne Goodwin, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Jones, Jennifer Schulze, Joe Rudy, John Seaman, Josh, Josh Lee and Jon Soileau, Justin Emerson, Kate Dunphy, Kegan Marling, Kelly Rondou, Ken Helman, Kristof of the Northmen, Lauren “LB” Bahlman, Lil Miss Hot Mess, Linda and Steve Minnick, Linda Richards, Madame Blavatsky, Matt & Holly Goodwin, Melanie Carr, Michael Ciarleglio, Michael DeLong, Michael Towne, Mike and Stephanie Brown, Mike Dunphy, Ms. Evelyn Bass, Mysterious Stranger with a poison ring, Pamela Peniston, Pete Tenuta, Queen Bee, Quincy Yu and Dennis Seaman, Randy Blaustein, Robynn Takayama, Ryan Crowder, Sara Keely McGuire, Sarah Mehl, SchmidtMandy, Scott Nielsen, Scott Owens, Sean M. Johnson, Shally Iyer, Steffany Calvaresi, Stephany, Tara Genea Wilson, Taylor Gonda, The Emerson Boys, Tiffany Bradley, Tonya Moake Neely, Troy & Robert and Veronica “Glitter Magic” Triplett

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Photobook

16 Nov

Viewing official photogs from Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER on site or visiting set on!

Daily Tarots – 11/16/12

16 Nov

Tarots today is being reveal very hard when stand up for what are believe in. Indeed weekend forecast Friday, Nov. 16 is show SEVEN OF WANDS is happen this weekend. Are possible facing adversary or continuing battle – but knowing that have right idea and sticking to guns is being incredible important.

Still have trouble of staying firm? Taking example amazing human MALALA YOUSUFZAI! MALALA still holding standing of educations on Muslim women after shot by Taiban! Are believing strength, will power, courage of 14-year old!? Dr. Zebrovski is total believing in you, MALALA!

Being inspire by MALALA this weekend and speaking loud, proud for issue, right are believe in!