Summon Now!


Dr. Zebrovski is being happy to services offering you! Please choosing from one of many service (pricing and perspiration may vary):

  • Live PerformAre having Dr. Zebrovski for your theatre, nightclub, private party events! Great for kids, adults, or anyone having eyes!
  • 1:1 psychic dance reading: Just being you and Dr. Zebrovski, private in-person, video or phone reading for 15 minute – 2 hour session.
  • House/apartment spirit cleansing: Moving into new space, or is maybe spring cleaning? Offering dance spirit cleanse of your home.
  • In-home seance for group: Remember how fun was being in movie Beetlejuice*? Dr. Zebrovski now being in your own home seance.
  • DANCING YOUR FUTURE psychic dance video exclusively on Finding out more info on link to left.

Very reasonable rate not hard for wallet! Please be email Dr. Zebrovski for prices inquiry!

Wait, not being sell yet?

Hearing peoples say of Dr. Zebrovski in Press section.

* Dr. Zebrovski has no connection with or affiliation to Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and does not own rights for Beetlejuice movie nor can he guarantee possession of your guests by Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin.


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