Dr. Zebrovski is receiving excellent recommendations and reviews on print and interwebs. Be reading aloud and hear what other people be saying:

…Yes, Dr. Zebrovski, Eastern European refugee, at your service. Having garnered 25,000 YouTube views for his distinctive introductory video — hailed as “Better than Rebecca Black” and “it’s like zombocom, but Russian” — Dr. Z brings his unique blend of mysticism and slinky interpretive dance moves to Fiverr…

  • Excerpt from the no-longer-cicrulated Decatur Digest:

Dr. Zebrovski has been heretofore recognized as the people’s number one choice for quality showcasing of the divine. That a dance can move nations has not been seen since the early ’90s when the Irish stormed the halls of the world with their Riverdance…Be amazed, be astonished, be affronted and agitated. But be there and miss not a chance to be captured in the whirlwind that this dervish dances.

Dr. Zebrovski changed my life!

Are you wanting tell the praises to Dr. Zebrovski? Email Dr. Zebrovski with personal story testimonial and be posting on here!

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