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Dr. Zebrovski Live Perform – 4/2/12

26 Mar

Dr. Zebrovski be have extra good time at The News: An Evening of Queer Performance at SOMArts Cultural Center. Be thanking audience participants for having good sport!

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20 Mar

Dr. Zebrovski is sexy and is knowing it! Be looking at wiggle!

Zebra Melt

20 Mar

Sometime Dr. Zebrovski is liking to be relaxing too. Pleasant music and soothing images be lull to sleeping.


19 Mar

That is being right! Dr. Zebrovski is now being available to DANCING YOUR FUTURE! Be watch example below to deciding if you are want to commission Dr. Zebrovski to answering your question! Email Dr. Zebrovski to asking price!

Promotional Video

19 Mar

Dr. Zebrovski is showing promotional video amazingness!

Full playlist of Dr. Zebrovski videos are being on YouTube!

Dr. Zebrovski Photobooks

19 Mar

Dr. Zebrovski is be enjoy taking photos! Please be watch Dr. Zebrovski photo slideshow and visiting on