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Daily Tarots – 9/28/12

28 Sep

Weekend forecast is come through for Friday, Sept. 28 – reveal of JUDGMENT XX shaping weekend and give thought! Is being time finally make decision have been waiting on. Take stand and end chapter only to reveal new begin!

“Are wanting make more money? Sure we all do!”

Remembering of SALLY STRUTHERS for ICS? Is being great inspire and changing life! Today, is time stop procrastinate and doing thing have waited on! Whether is TV/VCR repair, accounting, electrician, legal assistant, animal care specialist, gun repair, catering, fitness/nutrition or world dominate, time is now for take action! Over weekend, are needing to release of old way thinking, giving time renew and then decision make for new beginning!

“Calling today, free information!”

Daily Tarots – 9/27/12

27 Sep

RIGHT NOW is giving THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE X for tarots today Thursday, Sept. 27. Are feeling moment being right for ruling of world RIGHT NOW? For seizing best opportunities on life RIGHT NOW? Making it happen!

Today, needing be take advantage whatever is walk your way! RIGHT NOW CRYSTAL PEPSI is show invention wait for no one, no even consumers invention made for. Early 90s mark good time for Pepsi and not wait for world asking for CRYSTAL PEPSI, is only telling “World, are ready!” Today are needing be bold, expansive, speedy! Taking what is up of grabs and making on! Not waiting for invitation!


Dr. Zebrovski Is Have The Powers

27 Sep

Are not believing?


Daily Tarots – 9/26/12

26 Sep

Daily tarot is giving today Wednesday, Sept. 26 THE MOON XVIII! Are seeking answer in today reading? Clarity or strong outcome? Unfortunate, THE MOON XVIII is not being most clearest tarot card. Today are caught up on fantasy, imagination, confusion, obscure vision…Reality is being hard find and are current on other path, or perhaps is river?

ANDY WILLIAMS is croon song today of MOON RIVER making feel lost in old friend, new reality. Is making look at life in new way…perhaps are thinking not love of MOON RIVER and are now suddenly more enjoy? Disconnect from goal, ambition and now aspire of new ideas?

Be use new perspective to reevaluate…perhaps MOON RIVER is bring you to where are supposed to be in life?

R.I.P. ANDY WILLIAMS dying of bladder cancer in Branson, MI yesterdays. Dr. Zebrovski is talk with psychically – still have of beautiful singing.

Daily Tarots – 9/25/12

25 Sep

Returning today daily tarots having QUEEN OF WANDS be influencing thought and action!  Today, there is special woman helping keep calm and clear mind get through day and give new perspective at life! Tamara Faye LaValley Bakker Messner AKA TAMMY FAYE is being inspire day and give wonderful flavor!

Through difficult life with scandal and especial at long battle of cancer at end of life, TAMMY FAYE is have only self-assurance, confidence is helping realize needing be adaptable and steady force. Through many crazy wedding, divorce, and hard time in public eye, TAMMY FAYE is learn to relax definitions of self and find of personal creative and spiritual solutions to continue to make happy and active until death 2007.

Not needing believe of same things of TAMMY FAYE but instead be channel open, caring, adaptive energy to get through hard spots or gaining new perspective on old way of do thing.

Having trouble reaching new perspective? Try watch TAMMY FAYE tribute, grabbing tissues please.

Daily Tarots – 9/24/12

24 Sep

Dr. Zebrovski was have psychic hangover after channeling spirits all weekend. Forgiving for lacking of Monday tarot.

Daily Tarots – 9/21/12

21 Sep

Friday, Sept. 21 is bring weekend tarot forecast to life with ACE OF WANDS!

Is sometime be hard stand on own, independent from old ways and blaze trail by self but have power be doing it, especially if creativity is play part in life! Either recent or soon to leave old way of work or life – perhaps you find things confining or too safe – and break into unknown to be forge own personal path of world. Hay, if are never put anything up for risk are never winning big, yes?

You know who is risk big and winning? Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. AKA SNOOP DOGG! As young man, SNOOP DOGG is run into trouble gangs, drugs, prison and using musics as escape to better self! This weekend are needing find thing in life that bring happiness and fully committing to making part of life!

And, okay, SNOOP DOGG is still have drugs part of life but what are really think ACE OF WANDS is represent? Okay?

 One shot to pop, better hit the spot
Cause there’s a hundred other brothas that’s waitin’ in line
Player it’s your time to (Make It Good)

Daily Tarots – 9/20/12

20 Sep

FIVE OF PENTACLES is be guiding force on Thursday, September 20. Is indicate hard time or possible of losing money, material wealth. Maybe is indicate of poverty? Even though is big deal when are faced with poverty, is ultimately being obstacle overcome and get through, yes? Cannot be fret facts of life, are needing go with and empower self.

KENNY LOGGINS is being muse of day with DANNY’S SONG. Message of song is realize that money isn’t bring happiness – are needing find in peoples or other area of life. Even though we ain’t have of money, I am so in loves with honey! Maybe aren’t being able control loss of money, material wealth in life BUT are being able control attitude and own happiness. Ride through, my peoples, everything is going to being all right!

Daily Tarots – 9/19/12

19 Sep

Wednesday, Sept. 19 is bring THE MAGICIAN I to focusing on hump day. Even though skills you are have seem humdrum, ordinary is only because are being used to. Other people are keep in awe over powers are possessing! “More than mere mortal!” they are say, perhaps.

Gene Wilder as WILLY WONKA is embody magicks and is defy explanation! Cool, confident in self and great amounts of self confidence, being in control, understanding how get what want. Today, you are channel this nonchalant attitude when showing off greatest skills. Is giving big ego boost, yes? Riding wave of wonderfulness, are being worth it!

Dr. Zebrovski Photobooth

18 Sep