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Daily Tarots – 11/20/12

20 Nov

Tuesday morning November 20 is giving unto world Transgender Day of Remembrance! Also is giving KNIGHT OF WANDS! into life indicate today is fulling of passion, action, energy!!!!

Today, after taking moment of remembering transgender brother and sister fall victim to violence of hate and transphobia, needing pump self full of energy KNIGHT OF WANDS! Allowing inspiration consuming you and making bold move! Maybe perhaps are letting someone know how feelings are for them? Or taking steps outside box at work? Whatever are focused on today, giving it all! Letting project envelop self and taking to extreme!

Queer radical musician J.D. SAMSON is being guide today! Not waiting ask for permission, seizing day in style of queer radical and making self precious amazing sexy whole – you are person deserving feel so free!

Daily Tarots – 11/19/12

19 Nov

Hallo Monday! Is week starting out not so great? Today, Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 is possibly having issues not overcome? Is all being cuz EIGHT OF SWORDSEIGHT OF SWORDS is revealing we are making situation badder for selves because not being able seeing of truths!

Are being in Egypt? Because clearly are CLEOPATRA QUEEN OF DENIAL! Things perhaps aren’t being best in life now but what are doing to help of situation. Perhaps are feeling lonely…well, have been making effort go out and meeting of new friends? Perhaps being too busy…well, are making too many plans and busy work for self? Whatever situation are being in do not having asp biting on breast yet!

Today, investigation of self as victim is being in order. How are able acknowledge own role in how are feeling and helping change how are feeling? Remembering have many powers at fingertips and can being change course whenever are liking!

Daily Tarots – 11/16/12

16 Nov

Tarots today is being reveal very hard when stand up for what are believe in. Indeed weekend forecast Friday, Nov. 16 is show SEVEN OF WANDS is happen this weekend. Are possible facing adversary or continuing battle – but knowing that have right idea and sticking to guns is being incredible important.

Still have trouble of staying firm? Taking example amazing human MALALA YOUSUFZAI! MALALA still holding standing of educations on Muslim women after shot by Taiban! Are believing strength, will power, courage of 14-year old!? Dr. Zebrovski is total believing in you, MALALA!

Being inspire by MALALA this weekend and speaking loud, proud for issue, right are believe in!

Daily Tarots – 11/15/12

16 Nov

Tarot today is show that Thursday, Nov. 15 is giving of THE CHARIOT VII. Is mean for you time of great toil is total paid off and now are abling bask in glory of creation, resting on laurel for moment and realizing you are able of accomplish big thing and meet expectation!

Today, are needing take in deep breath, exhaling and pat on back. Feeling restful after big success THE CHARIOT VII was bring to life! Is very similar of superstar stage and screen, MERYL STREEP! When winning Oscar, she is say:

Oh my god. Oh c’mon. Alright. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. When they called my name I’d had this feeling I could hear half of America going “oh no…oh c’mon…why…her…again?” But whatever.

Is okay MERYL! Are still deserving of success and is being okay take it! Aren’t being able shrinking from spotlight, accepting how is and being happy with accomplishment! Today, treating self with maybe romantic dinner with Oscar? Oh, please invite of Dr. Zebrovski too.

Daily Tarots – 11/14/12

14 Nov

RETURN OF DAILY TAROTS after craziness of Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER! We you going see of show? Were you enjoy?

Today is bring of new perspective with THE HANGED MAN XII! Today, be focus on let go, surrender and find new perspective. You know who is learning lesson hard way is REPUBLICAN PARTY. Sorry, REPUBLICAN PARTY are not realize candidate picking and platforms taking important issues not relevant to lots of American and now are being SO SAD. Dr. Zebrovski is thinking perhaps spending so many times focus on telling people what want that are forgetting of issues really be mattering. But listen Dr. Zebrovski being high on horse changing demographic, equality…

Really, importance today is focus on not fight issue but going with flow. What are able be learning when giving up of control and letting circumstance changing expectation and coursing of action?


Daily Tarots – 11/5 – 11/9

6 Nov

Being so sorry friends! Dr. Zebrovski is burning smudge at both end this week getting ready for Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER! Not able be give wonderful usual advicing for Daily Tarots. This week – be focus on coming to see show! Not forgetting 7:30 interactive preshow is costing only $5 more!

Daily Tarots – 11/2/12

2 Nov

Weekend forecast on daily tarot is giving you insight of weekend beginning Friday, Nov. 2; all of weekend is being influence by ACE OF CUPS! Have putting in much effort anxiety into creative, romantic, or perhaps actual baby and this weekend is all coming together, this weekend ACE OF CUPS is indicate whatever thing is is culminating and comes to life!


Like DR. FRANKENSTEIN, you have work very hard on artistic project, romantic relationship, or other type of baby you be nursing for long time; this weekend are able be relaxing and rid of anxiety because is standing up on own to feet, comes to life! This weekend, focus self on confidence and happiness – no being anxious if life is coming or how, when, other questions – enjoy birth of whatever baby are having!


Daily Tarots – 11/1/12

1 Nov

Is too bad today Thurdsay, Nov. 1 is playing tarots instead of blackjacks because pull today THE UNIVERSE XXI! Overall today are feeling complete total? Notice that male and female sides are together harmonious? Things are finally complete and reap benefits of labor and dream?

Today, be embody of MX. JUSTIN VIVIAN BOND! MX. JVB having long journey to ending up where is of gender-fluid glamor musician! Be embrace of sense of resting after long struggles and today be allowing self rejoicing on sense of completeness. Why be fight self when accepting self is allowing ultimate peace. As last breath is begin, embracing of worst parts of self and settling because we are all getting in end!

Daily Tarots – 10/31/12

31 Oct

Are believing is already Halloween?! What are wearing for costumes on Wednesday, Oct. 31? Is needing be something powerful and full of enthusiasm because needing today embody of PRINCESS OF WANDS! Card is indicate today are being Princess of Shining Flame but any costume is able indicate of overcome old fear, breaking old pattern, set self free!

Just be look at famous Halloween icon ELVIRA MISTRESS OF DARKELVIRA is unstoppable force of darkness creating good in world by stick by belief as vegetarian! Working with PETA, is able spreading word of benefit vegetarian in comical fun ELVIRA way!


Today on Halloween, be dressing up as and embody changing you are want see in world and be making happen. Only today is time for you to start with new path, overturn bad patterns and things!

Daily Tarots – 10/30/12

30 Oct

Out in respect and support of millions people without power East Coast, Dr. Zebrovski is summon of THE SUN (XIX) in waking of Hurricane Sandy for Daily Tarots Tuesday, Oct. 30! Bringing energies positive, light, goodness, hope, brilliance, splendor to everyones homes have burned, flooded, etc. Dr. Zebrovski is radiate energies for you!