Daily Tarots – 11/15/12

16 Nov

Tarot today is show that Thursday, Nov. 15 is giving of THE CHARIOT VII. Is mean for you time of great toil is total paid off and now are abling bask in glory of creation, resting on laurel for moment and realizing you are able of accomplish big thing and meet expectation!

Today, are needing take in deep breath, exhaling and pat on back. Feeling restful after big success THE CHARIOT VII was bring to life! Is very similar of superstar stage and screen, MERYL STREEP! When winning Oscar, she is say:

Oh my god. Oh c’mon. Alright. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. When they called my name I’d had this feeling I could hear half of America going “oh no…oh c’mon…why…her…again?” But whatever.

Is okay MERYL! Are still deserving of success and is being okay take it! Aren’t being able shrinking from spotlight, accepting how is and being happy with accomplishment! Today, treating self with maybe romantic dinner with Oscar? Oh, please invite of Dr. Zebrovski too.


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