Daily Tarots – 11/14/12

14 Nov

RETURN OF DAILY TAROTS after craziness of Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER! We you going see of show? Were you enjoy?

Today is bring of new perspective with THE HANGED MAN XII! Today, be focus on let go, surrender and find new perspective. You know who is learning lesson hard way is REPUBLICAN PARTY. Sorry, REPUBLICAN PARTY are not realize candidate picking and platforms taking important issues not relevant to lots of American and now are being SO SAD. Dr. Zebrovski is thinking perhaps spending so many times focus on telling people what want that are forgetting of issues really be mattering. But listen Dr. Zebrovski being high on horse changing demographic, equality…

Really, importance today is focus on not fight issue but going with flow. What are able be learning when giving up of control and letting circumstance changing expectation and coursing of action?



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