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Daily Tarots – 10/5/12

5 Oct

Happy Friday, peoples! Daily tarots is reveal for you weekend forecast of SIX OF WANDS! Has been working hard and this weekend is being all about reaping benefits! Celebrate of victory complete! Whatever issue is are facing weekend, is definitely going on your way!

Like NAPOLEON BONAPARTE are unstoppable this weekend! Able having goal in sight and obtaining – success through energy and industry is come to you! Going crazy and letting self indulge on sensing completion! Though being careful are not too crazy or taking too much powers…or is possible ending up exile on island! Also, is maybe want to avoid Waterloo this weekend…



Daily Tarots – 10/4/12

4 Oct

Tarot today is being reveal NINE OF WANDS is focus on Thursday, Oct. 4. Are feeling power having inside you? Is unshakable! May not be realizing are in middle of struggle because are putting out great energy but are being able persevere under pressure!

No one can change your life except for you
Don’t ever let anyone step all over you

WILSON PHILLIPS’ HOLD ON is being anthem today. Yes, are in middle of struggle. Yes, is being hard. Yes, are being able overcome, especially if are wearing jean vest! Today, holding high head and keeping on good fight! Are being able do it!

Daily Tarots – 10/3/12

3 Oct

Hello tarots is happen for Wednesday, Oct. 3! Bring into life THE HERMIT IX! Is signify feeling of alone, solitude, perhap loneliness. Sometime is signify self reliance and sustainability but Dr. Zebrovski is see different meaning today. Are not needing be sole pillar of strength, are not needing be afraid of doing it alone!

VELMA KELLY in CHICAGO is give inspiration today! Catherine Zeta-Jones’ portraying is riveting and knowing VELMA is wise to be asking for help when do. Yes, are strong and independent person. No, are not needing be alone in efforts, whatever they are being!

Taking cue from VELMA and knowing that if need asking for help, is there! Remember sometime I Can’t Do It Alone.