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Daily Tarots – 10/17/12

17 Oct

Daily tarot is unveil of KING OF PENTACLES is being guide on Wednesday, Oct. 17! Similarly of Dr. Zebrovski reaching Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Kickstart goal, are feeling today sense of accomplish after going through hard time. Free now of gauntlet and able be looking back feel great about what have done.

Are remember of Will Smith being FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR? Born and raise in West Philadelphia, is having of good life, chill out, maxing, shoot basketball outside school…then, is couple of guys making trouble on Will Smith and Will mom saying “Move to auntie, uncle on Bel-Air.” When arrive on Bel-Air, looking at kingdom and has throne being FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR! Going through hard times, yes…but then have wonderful ending…is being able better understand life now have because coming from not have.

Today, thinking of recent accomplish and how are give new perspective on issue, life…and also be sing along with theme song because words are know all, yes?


Kickstart Goal Is Being Reach!

16 Oct

With helping of amazingly peoples, Dr. Zebrovski is reach of Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Kickstart goal! Is amazing, no?

After so many praying, meditating on monies for god, Dr. Zebrovski is finally having monies be paying self and other on show! How is being able thank? Are liking visual thanking? Yes?

Cannot be waiting share of show with you! Is going amazing be!



Daily Tarots – 10/16/12

16 Oct

Dr. Zebrovski is so busy celebrate exceed of Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Kickstart goal is complete forget of posting on Daily Tarots…how’s about these…today, you are finding inspire from Dr. Zebrovski self. Taking moment of dance and perhap rethinking outfit for only white, black, zebra stripe?

If are not yet give on Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER Kickstart, are still being able! Visiting now!

Daily Tarots – 10/15/12

15 Oct

Tarot today is give unto world THE FOOL 0 on Monday, Oct. 15! Untied by life, THE FOOL 0 is have of ultimate free will and being able do anything wishes! Fresh perspective is being lack of hardness of adult, jaded behavior. If being able do anything, what are being able of accomplishing?

Torn from home Zenn-La and given power to serving of planet eater Galactus, Norrin Radd is become of SILVER SURFER and is having powers so many! After escape of serving to Galactus is being left with endless choice of what wanting do. Open heart of home peace planet Zenn-La is helping SILVER SURFER keep open heart.

Today, be seizing opportunities are able to and storm of gates wherever being. Are filled with power and today are able apply however are want!

12 Oct

Weekend tarot forecast is helping set of tone for weekend begin on today Friday, Oct. 12! This weekend, are have FOUR OF WANDS be influence of life! FOUR OF WANDS is suggest of happy thing coming for you! Are maybe in trench of work and too busy being able see beauty on life…is perfect time for beauty being able take by ears! Perphaps maybe unexpect, normal day is go from zero to amazing in 10 seconds!

Remembering on FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF? Is just normal day of hooky and turning into BEST DAY EVER! Are going baseball game, art museum, fancy lunching, even singing on parade! Is day pretty special, no? This weekend, being head open to say yes of new possibility! How are making most of thing and brining of happiness to self?

Daily Tarots – 10/11/12

11 Oct

Daily tarot on Thursday, Oct. 11 is reveal something not being seen in San Francisco today, THE SUN XIXTHE SUN XIX is undeniable source of energy, vitality, happiness in life! Is cause of spurt of positive feelings, yes? Perhaps maybe everything is going your way?

Suddenly are feeling the center of attention! All focus is being your way and everything happen for you! Is like suddenly EVERYTHING COMING UP ROSES! Like GYPSY ROSE LEE everything is finally go your way! Making sure roll with it and enjoying, not fighting! Yes, are being downside to have everyone look at you but can’t be focus on that….simply be focus on be fabulous and soaking of attention!

You’ll be swell! You’ll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now,
honey, everything’s coming up roses!

Daily Tarots – 10/10/12

10 Oct

Tarot today is reveal NINE OF PENTACLES as focus on life for Wednesday, Oct. 10. Is SO MANY pentacles, no? Are being rich in pentacles today and in other things also, yes? Enjoyable side of materialism is represent in NINE OF PENTACLES, accomplishment, treasuring of goods. Is perhaps also mean set on motion project or plan and is now reaching fruition?

Like JULIA ROBERTS in Pretty Woman, are finally having everything wanted! Feeling free going on shopping spree and spending dollars wildly! Even feeling good and giving mean lady on Rodeo Drive piece of mind! Enjoying please this day to fullest. Indulging in material goods today and not regret of it at all!

Daily Tarots – 10/9/12

9 Oct

Today tarots is reveal of sweet and gentle woman! Yes Tuesday, Oct. 9 is PRINCESS OF CUPS! Represent of woman enter on life. Is maybe new love interest for you? Is maybe female energy male too? Is no matter of Dr. Zebrovski, be finding love where liking!

Drawing inspiration from great woman on history for today focusing energies! Beautiful and politically active JOSEPHINE BAKER is being center of thoughts. Sumptuous and sexy, JOSEPHINE BAKER is embody of gentleness, romanticism! Being lady of high level of intuition, imagination!

Today, be allow self give in to emotion! Or maybe is giving in to love? Letting go of reigns and today express feeling of fullest! If are not feeling emotion, maybe is try on banana dance?

Dr. Zebrovski Live Perform – 33 via 33 – 10/13/12

8 Oct

Are know of Mr. Jackson Bowman? Is being fine person turning 33 years on Saturday, Oct. 13 and Dr. Zebrovski is give live dance psychic reading for birthday party! What is catch, are asking? Is birthday party on bus!

Joining Dr. Z and other live fun performers Lil Miss Hot Mess, Martha T. Lipton (The Failed Actress) and Mona G. Hawd for fun times! Details on timing is below and finding more information on 33 via 33 Facebook events page!

Party Bus and Bar Hop Timeline:
9:30 @ 16th and Mission (Bus)
10:00 @ 440 (Castro)
10:45 @ Toad Hall (Castro)
11:20 @ 18th and Castro (Bus)
11:30 @ Trax (Haight)
12:30 LAST BUS!

Daily Tarots – 10/8/12

8 Oct

Happy Monday, Oct. 8! Many people is have day off for what some are knowing as Columbus Day. For those peoples who are realize horrible effect Columbus and other European explorers is have on Americas and peoples is better knowing as Indigenous Peoples Day! Tarots today is reveal THE EMPEROR IV is have great influence on day. THE EMPEROR IV is fill with power you! Is give strength moving toward goal!

Today, THE EMPEROR IV is represent of American legend CHIEF SITTING BULL! Like Dr. Zebrovski, CHIEF SITTING BULL is being psychic and have of premonition defeat cavalry at Little Big Horn! Gathering many tribes and using “strong medicine,” CHIEF SITTING BULL is shock of many people by defeating American General Custer. Whatever mountain are needing climb…whatever opponent are up against…trusting Dr. Zebrovski, are able doing it today!