Daily Tarots – 10/23/12

23 Oct

Tuesday, October 23 is giving of daily tarot KING OF SWORDS! KING OF SWORDS meaning have man in life authority with many good advices! After watch of last President debate, Dr. Zebrovski is think foreign policies of Barack, Mitt is no having clear visions of wonderful futures….but wait, is having other President candidate having better idea about how acting with rest of world and domestical policy too!

Today, be taking page of ROCKY ANDERSON, President candidate Justice Party! Is total uphill battle of fight Democrat, Republican but is still fight worth fighting (also with Jill Stein and many other)! Yes, ROCKY is not fearing of speak truths other candidate not address on two-person debate! Looking at ROCKY for help give strength to speaking up and fighting for what want. Listen of advice of small party peoples, able addressing piece big candidates not able to.

Ultimate, may not agree with politic of ROCKY or other one candidate but are needing make sure of exercising power voting! Registering and making sure voice heard on RockTheVote.com. And reading of ALL President candidates here!


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