Daily Tarots – 10/8/12

8 Oct

Happy Monday, Oct. 8! Many people is have day off for what some are knowing as Columbus Day. For those peoples who are realize horrible effect Columbus and other European explorers is have on Americas and peoples is better knowing as Indigenous Peoples Day! Tarots today is reveal THE EMPEROR IV is have great influence on day. THE EMPEROR IV is fill with power you! Is give strength moving toward goal!

Today, THE EMPEROR IV is represent of American legend CHIEF SITTING BULL! Like Dr. Zebrovski, CHIEF SITTING BULL is being psychic and have of premonition defeat cavalry at Little Big Horn! Gathering many tribes and using “strong medicine,” CHIEF SITTING BULL is shock of many people by defeating American General Custer. Whatever mountain are needing climb…whatever opponent are up against…trusting Dr. Zebrovski, are able doing it today!


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