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Daily Tarots – 9/18/12

18 Sep

Tarot Tuesday, September 18 is have KNIGHT OF CUPS come to front of head and thoughts. KNIGHT OF CUPS is represent new passion in life – Is there person or project perhaps in life that is taking focus? Is perhaps rocket ship ready to taking flight? Leading you down path unknown in best way possible? Is it new OBSESSION?

OBSESSION BY CALVIN KLINE is giving inspire of day. Having one thing in life soon to take over. Not be fearing, is good thing! New endeavor or person is positive influencing on life and is helping guide to more happiness.

“Love is child’s play, once you’ve known OBSESSION

Daily Tarots – 9/17/12

17 Sep

Monday, September 17 is give to you FIVE OF CUPS – is maybe not upbeat way starting week hoping for but definitely meaning of need pay attention sadness, sorrow, disappointment in life. Being able perhaps cover hurt or loss in life for time but who are helping by not deal straight forward?

Like MR. JON ARBUCKLE needing not hide sadness behind Garfield anymore. In GARFIELD MINUS GARFIELD is easy being see how sad JON is truly. Sooner being able come terms with feeling sooner being able moving on with life, overcome of sadness! Take moment for pity party today and than being able face life new perspective!

Enter Zebrovskope

16 Sep

Zebrovskope 1

Zebrovskope 2

Zebrovskope 3

Dr Zebrovski Live Perform BYOQ 2012 – 9/15/12

15 Sep

Dr. Zebrovski so happy participate in 2012 Bring Your Own Queer! Please hope to enjoy Exorcism of The White Lady of Stow Lake. Thanking all seven beautiful volunteer for helping make magicks happen!

Bring Your Own Queer is a free gaytime music, art & performance festival held in Golden Gate Park (between the DeYoung and the Academy of Sciences) showcasing local queer artists.

Saturday, September 15, 2012
12-6PM | FREE
Music Concourse / Bandshell
Golden Gate Park – San Francisco, CA

More informations? Please visit to BYOQ website or event page on Facebook.

Daily Tarots – 9/14/12

14 Sep

Tarot today reading TWO OF CUPS is influence of day and give tone of weekend! Card reflecting bond or relationship flower in life and today is taking deeper even meaning – needing offer forgive of old grudge, letting go of angers.

Actress/singer JENNIFER HUDSON is be inspire today! Diva powerhouse being able public forgive family killer. Jennifer be saying “Yes (I forgive him) ’cause I feel like for the most part it’s not his fault, it’s how he was brought up.”

How are able channel strength
show to overcome old feeling and accepting with open hearts?

Dr. Zebrovski Sample Reel

14 Sep

Alchemy Scream

14 Sep


14 Sep

Daily Tarots – 9/13/12

13 Sep

Thursday, Sept. 13 bringing PRINCESS OF WANDS for today tarot. Card is mark fiery spirit of dynamic passion in life! Bring strength, power, determination to day – vigor and enthusiasm for decisive action!

Hunger Gamer KATNISS EVERDEEN is inspire today you! Girl who was on fire is unswerving in determination and being ready to mount whatever challenge is in front! Today, be think how you can overcome old habit or limitation to set self free!

Baby, are firework! Clicking on picture if not believing!

Daily Tarots – 9/12/12

12 Sep

TEMPERANCE XIV is show way of Wednesday, Sept. 12! Card helping us remember moderation, control, happy medium.

Prince of Darkness OZZY OSBOURNE is be guide of TEMPERANCE XIV today! After excess alcohol, drug use in 40 years of life, OZZY now clean sober! Turning around on old habit is what TEMPERANCE XIV all about! Showing you are have strength inside to overcome external obstacle!

“Don’t need no astrology it’s inside of you and me
You don’t need a ticket to fly with me – I’m free”