Daily Tarots – 9/25/12

25 Sep

Returning today daily tarots having QUEEN OF WANDS be influencing thought and action!  Today, there is special woman helping keep calm and clear mind get through day and give new perspective at life! Tamara Faye LaValley Bakker Messner AKA TAMMY FAYE is being inspire day and give wonderful flavor!

Through difficult life with scandal and especial at long battle of cancer at end of life, TAMMY FAYE is have only self-assurance, confidence is helping realize needing be adaptable and steady force. Through many crazy wedding, divorce, and hard time in public eye, TAMMY FAYE is learn to relax definitions of self and find of personal creative and spiritual solutions to continue to make happy and active until death 2007.

Not needing believe of same things of TAMMY FAYE but instead be channel open, caring, adaptive energy to get through hard spots or gaining new perspective on old way of do thing.

Having trouble reaching new perspective? Try watch TAMMY FAYE tribute, grabbing tissues please.


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