Daily Tarots – 9/21/12

21 Sep

Friday, Sept. 21 is bring weekend tarot forecast to life with ACE OF WANDS!

Is sometime be hard stand on own, independent from old ways and blaze trail by self but have power be doing it, especially if creativity is play part in life! Either recent or soon to leave old way of work or life – perhaps you find things confining or too safe – and break into unknown to be forge own personal path of world. Hay, if are never put anything up for risk are never winning big, yes?

You know who is risk big and winning? Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. AKA SNOOP DOGG! As young man, SNOOP DOGG is run into trouble gangs, drugs, prison and using musics as escape to better self! This weekend are needing find thing in life that bring happiness and fully committing to making part of life!

And, okay, SNOOP DOGG is still have drugs part of life but what are really think ACE OF WANDS is represent? Okay?

 One shot to pop, better hit the spot
Cause there’s a hundred other brothas that’s waitin’ in line
Player it’s your time to (Make It Good)


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